Posted by: anitanolan | February 6, 2012

Pearl S. Buck Quilting and Writing Book Call for Submissions

As many of you know, I’m leading a year-long novel-writing workshop at the Pearl S. Buck House.

The volunteers are currently working on a book about combining quilting and writing.

Info on the book is below. If you are interested, please contact me (my email can be found on my blog:

Several years ago, the volunteers of Pearl S. Buck International held a successful quilt show to raise money to continue the legacy of humanitarian efforts on behalf of children which Miss Buck began.

To continue this work, we turned our efforts to making Miss Buck’s historic Green Hills house into the Writers at a Writer’s House, a series of events about writing held at the PSB Cultural Center.  As part of that process we agreed that a book combining the artistic processes of quilting and writing would find many ready markets.  This evolved into a four-sectioned book project which will use quotations, essays, articles, history, memoirs, memories, and tidbits from well-known quilters and writers. Our goal is to find a mutual point where the two arts happily coexist by seeking the similarities shared by the two arts.

For example, many popular novelists quilt.  Some novelists use quilting as a major metaphor, others use quilts as symbols, still others use quilts as spiritual guides, and other just use title of patterns.  Some quilters write on topics other than quilting. What is there in writing and quilting (and other fabric arts) which builds community for women? Why? How? Who? What?  The book is tentatively divided into four sections to answer these questions.

1 — Rationale for seeking the intersection point between quilting and writing.

2 — Commonalities between the two arts   —   themes, conventions, symbols, metaphors

3 — History of fabric arts in literature    —    storytelling

4 — Power of writing and quilting in building community and empowerment for women

Of course, our main purposes are to raise money for the PSBI and its activities so that no remuneration can be offered our contributors.  However, since we have an extensive mailing list and hope to attract both quilting and writing markets, we offer you free publicity for your own endeavors.  I encourage you to check out the website for further details and to kindly consider joining us in this endeavor. (

At this point there is no specific deadline but we would like to have the final draft finished by March.


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