Posted by: anitanolan | February 5, 2012

Agent Mary Kole Webinar

If you attended the NJ SCBWI conference last year, you may have met Mary Kole an agent at Andrea Brown Literary Agency. If not here’s a chance to meet her on line through a Writer’s Digest Webinar. It comes with a chance to have 5 00 words critiqued.

WEBINAR DESCRIPTION from the Writer’s Digest site:

Middle grade and young adult novels are the hottest markets in children’s books today. If you want to write novels for child readers ages 9-12 (middle grade) or 13+ (young adult), there are tips and tricks that you need to know before you can break in. Because the middle grade and teen novels market is so specific—if you want to succeed, that is—this entire 90-minute session will be devoted to this area of the kidlit craft.

Successfully hooking an agent (and readers) with your writing takes voice, incredible characterization and an exciting plot. In this market, you also need a commercial premise that’ll immediately spark the imagination, and sales hooks that make your novel stand out. Learn what the middle grade and young adult audiences are looking for, what agents and editors like to see in this marketplace, and how you can capitalize on these needs. You’ll also learn how to make your project and pitch irresistible so you can take the next step toward publication.

All attendees are invited and encouraged to ask questions. In a WD webinar, no question goes unanswered.

MG & YA Webinar

Mary has an excellent blog:








  1. This is a great webinar! I’ve done it and found it really useful.

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