Editing Services:

I offer editing services, limited to Middle Grade, Young Adult Novels, and occasionally adult fiction. I will consider editing manuscripts for those who plan to self-publish.


$75.00 for a critique of the first 25-30 pages of a manuscript (stopping at the end of a scene or chapter) and a 1-2 page synopsis.

Typically I’ll make 1-2 pages of general comments about marketability, format, and age appropriateness as well as specific suggestions with examples pulled from your work. The manuscript pages will be returned with line-item comments.

Using this format, the writer sees the type of edits and comments I make before committing large sums of money, and I can price a full manuscript critique (based on length and time required) more accurately.

I provide editing services to help those serious about identifying issues in their work. Part of the writing process is learning to edit your own writing, and I hope you will apply my comments to revise the remainder of the manuscript before submitting the entirety, if you choose to do so.

If you are interested in submitting, please email me first at anita (at) anitanolan (dot) com. Pages should be submitted as Word .doc or .docx, and the line edits are typically made in Track Changes.

In addition, I lead writing workshops, work wtih writing groups and speak at conferences about the writing process. You can find information about where I’ll be speaking here, or you can contact me at anita (at) anitanolan (dot) come if you’d like me to speak at an event.


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