Posted by: anitanolan | May 18, 2011

Elision? What’s Elision?

When I was speaking at the  NE SCBWI conference this past weekend, I did not get Janet Fox’s talk on Elision, but heard great things about it. Here’s a link to a story Janet wrote about Elision for Hunger Mountain.

Elision creates that elusive, magical space found in the best fiction. It resides in the space between the words; it manifests the shadow, the deeper meaning behind the words. We refer to “elision” as “the action of dropping out or suppressing.”

In art, “white space” lies in the voids of a composition. The drawing of a bicycle is defined by its edges, not by what we think of as a “bicycle”—the leather seat, metal spokes, rubber tires, or jingling bell. When we look at an image defined by white space, we fill in the emptiness through our association with the concept, through the memory and experience of riding, of racing, maybe even of falling off and scraping our knees.

Read the rest here.

Janet has a new book coming out next month. But I got to get a copy at the conference. The cover sucked me in and I can’t wait to read it.

Forgiven by Janet S. Fox


  1. Wow, Anita, that was an EXcellent article! I never heard the word “elision” before, but now I know what it is, even if I can’t pronounce it lol
    Thank you!

  2. for anyone interested (I was!):

    • Thanks Donna!

  3. Great post! Thanks–I’ve got Forgiven as well and am loving it so far. And I love the new word.

    • I know, is that a great cover or what? Can’t wait to finish the book I’m reading to start it.

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