Posted by: anitanolan | September 1, 2011

New Publisher Alert!

Many of you who have been to NJ SCBWI conferences know the delightful Eileen Robinson.

Eileen was an editor at Scholastic, and now she’s starting her own publishing house, Move Books.

A little bit about Move:

Move Books’ vision is to grow and sustain boy’s appetite for reading – to Move them to read for the long term.

Our mission is to inspire boys to read for pleasure, and build their imaginations through books that resonate with them.  Move Books publishes middle-grade books for boys: books they want, books that matter to them.

Librarians and teachers now have a trusted source they can use to recommend boy-centered books to students and parents.  Parents and grandparents will have more choices for their sons, grandsons, nephews and youths in their lives.

You can find more information here.


  1. Nice! I love the focus on boys’ and keeping them reading!!

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