Posted by: anitanolan | June 15, 2011

New (to me!) Agent Taylor Martindale of Sandra Dijkstra Literary

I noticed this on the Guide to Literary Agents Editor’s Blog. I haven’t seen Taylor Martindale mentioned before. Here’s her background, from GLA:

Taylor is a proud graduate of The College of William and Mary and holds a BA in English, with a minor in Hispanic Studies. She was the Copy Chief of her college newspaper for three years and occasionally does freelance writing for a local paper. Before joining SDLA in Summer 2009, Taylor was the Submissions Coordinator at Bliss Literary Agency, Intl.

She is seeking: She is most interested in acquiring young adult fiction—specifically gritty contemporary and unique paranormal/urban fantasy. She also accepts children’s picture books, commercial fiction, women’s fiction, and multicultural fiction. She does not want business, political, or science books; cookbooks, or self-help.

Sandra Dijkstra website

The GLA blog has an interview with Taylor here. 

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