Posted by: anitanolan | August 28, 2014

New Agency Focusing on YA & Children’s

From Publisher’s Lunch:

Orion Children’s Books editorial director Amber Caraveo is leaving the publisher to become an agent, creating Skylark Literary along with Joanna Moult, officially launching in November. The agency will focus on YA and children’s authors.



Posted by: anitanolan | August 27, 2014

Julie Maguire Joins Knopf Children’s

From Publisher’s Lunch:

Julia Maguire has joined Knopf Children’s as editor. Previously she was an associate editor at Simon & Schuster Children’s.




Posted by: anitanolan | August 15, 2014

New YA Imprint Seeks Submissions

Relish Media, an imprint of Little Pickle Press, is accepting submissions in Middle Grade and YA.


Relish Media


Posted by: anitanolan | August 9, 2014

Outlander Premiere

If you’ve taken any of my writing workshops, you’ll likely remember me talking about Diana Gabaldon’s Outlander series.

It has been made into a TV series on the Starz network, and it starts tonight.

You can watch the first episode free here.

I’ve watched it and it was great!


Posted by: anitanolan | August 8, 2014

Pushkin Launches Children’s Imprint in US

From Publisher’s Weekly:

Two years after acquiring U.K.-based Pushkin Press, known for its well-produced translations of foreign literature, publisher and managing director Adam Freudenheim and associate publisher and COO Stephanie Seegmuller are beginning to more fully realize their goal – “to bring more of the best writers, admired and often bestselling in their own countries, to British and American readers,” said Freundenheim in a statement when he announced the purchase. This month the company is publishing its first children’s books in the U.S. under a new Pushkin Children’s Books imprint.

Read the rest here.



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SFWA has posted some self-publishing information in Writer Beware.







Posted by: anitanolan | August 5, 2014

S&S Launches Editor/Agent Interviews on YouTube Channel

From Publishers Weekly:

Simon & Schuster has launched a new series of videos featuring S&S editors and publishers on their YouTube channel.

The subjects are not specific to children’s books.

Posted by: anitanolan | July 30, 2014

Amazon, Alloy Team for Digital Imprint

From Publisher’s Weekly:

Amazon Publishing and Alloy Entertainment have partnered on a new digital-first imprint to be called Alloy Entertainment. The unit will focus on young adult, new adult, and commercial fiction, which are Alloy’s specialty areas in its book packaging business.


Read the rest here.

Posted by: anitanolan | July 25, 2014

Promotions at Knopf

From Publisher’s Lunch:

At Knopf Children’s, Allison Wortche has been promoted to senior editor while Katherine Harrison moves up to associate editor.







Posted by: anitanolan | July 23, 2014

22 Lessons on How to be a Great Writer from Stephen King

From Business Insider:

Renowned author Stephen King writes stories that captivate millions of people around the world and earn him an estimated $US17 million a year.

In his memoir, “On Writing,” King shares valuable insights into how to be a better writer. And he doesn’t sugarcoat it. He writes, “I can’t lie and say there are no bad writers. Sorry, but there are lots of bad writers.”

Don’t want to be one of them? Here are 22 great pieces of advice from King’s book on how to be an amazing writer:

Read the rest here:

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