Posted by: anitanolan | June 20, 2013

Free e-book Download!

Ellyn Bache, a wonderful writer who was one of my critique partners before moving south, is offering her latest book–for free–as an e-book between now and June 24.

Activist cover
About the book:

Fall, 1963, the peak of the civil rights movement. A quarter of a million people have just marched on Washington, where they were galvanized by Martin Luther King’s “I Have a Dream” speech.

Mortified by her mother’s public role in the struggle for racial equality, 17-year-old Beryl Rosinsky flees DC to enroll at the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill, planning to blend in and leave her mother agape with horror.

Instead, she encounters a world of troubling paradoxes: southern gentility masking deep-seated prejudices; a token “colored” girl relegated to a deserted hall in a crowded dorm; a “liberal” university with strict curfews and rules for women that don’t apply to men; a ban on left-leaning speakers that prevents her own father from giving a program on campus.

Meaning to conform, to reject her destiny as her mother’s daughter, instead Beryl’s immersion in a world she never imagined forces her to come to terms with her family’s values — and teach her who she really is.

You can order from Unfortunately, wordpress is having a hiccup and is not allowing me to link. Just make sure that you click on the e-book version.

Congratulations, Ellyn!

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