Posted by: anitanolan | February 27, 2013

Kenyon College Novel Workshop


From the Kenyon Review website:

June 29-July 3, 2013

A unique novel workshop will take place over an intense three and half days, under the guidance of Geeta Kothari, Man Martin, and Nancy Zafris. With 20 hours of workshop time, the group will be able to meet as a whole as well as in smaller units that will rotate through the trio of instructors. Unlike in most novel workshops that are limited to considering a single chapter, 100 pages will be workshopped. Using an original method developed by the instructors, workshop participants will be able to pull out structure and isolate plot, character, theme, and movement. This provides a new way to brainstorm toward revision. Introduced last year as a trial, the workshop met with great success. Meredith Doench, one of last year’s participants, contracted her revised detective novel to an agent. Nancy Zafris used the system with Virginia Pye who, after many years of rejection quickly sold a completely revamped literary novel, River of Dust, to Unbridled Press (spring 2013). Whether writing literary or genre fiction, the best participant for this workshop is someone who is serious and committed. Applicants should send the first 100 pages of the novel for consideration. The participant will be responsible for reading two other participants’ works.

The application deadline is March 15. Acceptance notifications will be sent in early April.

For more information.

Kenyon (we are proud Kenyon parents) is one of the prettiest schools in the country.

Here is a photo from their website:

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