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Kenyon Writers Workshop

From the Kenyon Review Workshop:

June 15-22, 2013

Intensely creative, pushing you beyond what you thought you were capable of achieving—you eat, sleep, drink, breathe writing. And all around you are your fellow writers and instructors, cheering you on, encouraging you, word by word.

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Workshops are held for three hours each morning, focusing on writing exercises, reading and critiquing work, and talking about writing technique. The afternoons allow private time for reading and writing. Evenings are spent with public readings from instructors, visiting writers, and workshop participants.

Whether you’ve been writing for years, recently graduated from an MFA program, or have just now decided to take the leap out of your private notebooks and into a classroom, you’ll find a workshop here to help you accomplish your literary goals.

The Program

The Kenyon Review Writers Workshop focuses on the generation and revision of new work. Instructors employ challenging exercises and lead the groups in close readings and discussions of participants’ work. In addition, the instructors schedule personal meetings to discuss workshop assignments and other projects.

The Poetry Workshop will challenge you to write a poem a day! In class, we will explore the fine art of reading poetry as well as writing it. We will think together about poetry’s forms, shapes, and methods; and we will experiment with a wide variety of subject matter and materials.

The Literary Nonfiction Workshop will also focus on the generation and revision of new work. Literary Nonfiction—whether memoir, reportage, nature or travel writing—organizes the elements of the world into coherent prose. The writer’s challenge is often finding the right form in which to tell the story.

In the Fiction Workshop you will write a piece of fiction every day, based on prompts to spark your imagination. Along the way we will be asking the question, What is a story? The week should provide us with some answers, or at least clues. The supportive and energetic atmosphere will send you home with a lot of surprising new work.

The Literary Hybrid/Book Arts Workshop blends techniques of fiction, nonfiction, poetry, and visual arts to generate creative writings through the art of the book. Using a range of exercises and materials, we will create new work through textual and visual explorations during our week together. Whether you are a writer curious to write in more genres, or an artist wishing to deepen your engagement with text, this workshop promises to open up a variety of creative practices to generate new content and form.

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Kenyon, (we are proud Kenyon parents) is one of the prettiest schools in the country.

Here are a photo from their website:


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