Posted by: anitanolan | December 26, 2012

Oh Boy, Here Comes “New Adult”

Harry Potter meets 50 Shades of Gray can’t be a good thing.

From the New York Times:

Vampire and wizard fans are apparently ready for characters who shed their robes and show a little more skin.

Publishers and authors say they are seeing a spurt in sales of books that fit into the young-adult genre in their length and emotional intensity, but feature slightly older characters and significantly more sex, explicitly detailed.

They’ve labeled this category “new adult” — which some winkingly describe as Harry Potter meets “50 Shades of Grey” — and say it is aimed at 18-to-25-year-olds, the age group right above young adult.

Read the rest here.



  1. I’m truly so sick of the constant promotion of sex EVERYwhere, but more so with the written word. It’s not like it NEEDS to be promoted or encouraged *sigh*

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