Posted by: anitanolan | December 17, 2012

Pacific Northwest Writers Association Contest

From the PNWA Website:

2013 PNWA Literary Contest Submission Guidelines & Rules

The 2013 PNWA Literary Contest presents an opportunity for writers to showcase their unpublished work.

Contest Categories:

1. Mainstream
2. Historical
3. Romance/Erotica
4. Mystery/Thriller
5. Sci-Fi/Fantasy/Paranormal
6. Young Adult (ages 12-18)
7. Middle Grade (ages 8-12)
8. Nonfiction/Memoir
9. Poetry
10. Short Story
11.  Children’s Picture/Chapter Book
12. Adult Short Topics (Article/Essay/Short Memoir

Awards and Benefits:

  • The eight finalists in each category will be notified June 2013 prior to the PNWA Summer Conference (July 25 – 28, 2013).
  • Award Winners will be announced at the conference.
  • Every entry accepted in the contest will receive two critiques—a useful tool for any writer.
  • Finalists who attend the PNWA Summer Conference will receive a Finalist ribbon for their name badge, giving them high visibility to the agents and editors at the conference. Finalists’ manuscripts will be made available to agents and editors during the conference.
  • In addition, finalists’ entries are read and judged by an agent or editor to determine the top TWO in each category.
  • Winners are given the opportunity to attend the Agents and Editors Reception at the PNWA Summer Conference.

Awards will be given as follows:

  • First Place: $700 and the Zola Award (The Zola Award honors founding member Zola Helen Ross for her vision in creating a writing community more than 50 years ago.)
  • Second Place: $300


Entries must be RECEIVED BY February 22, 2013.

All Contest Guidelines are here:


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