Posted by: anitanolan | November 4, 2012

What I Learned from Hurricane Sandy

Glad to be back. We lost our power for four days due to Hurricane Sandy, and I have to say that one of the saving graces of the whole experience was the GoalZero solar battery products I purchased before the power went out.

I charged the larger battery (which ran the wifi or a TV–but not at the same time,) before the storm, and was able to recharge at work, but I could have recharged with a solar panel if necessary. And I have smaller battery packs, charged by a smaller solar panel, that could recharge a cell phone or run an LED light strip.

I was so glad I had these few things, they made life much more  livable without power.

Right now GoalZero is offering a buy one, give one promotion, where if you buy a product from them, they’ll donate one to the victims of Hurricane Sandy. It’s a way you can help, and help yourself.  The offer is good until November 15. Here’s a link to their blog.

The main website. 




  1. Glad to hear you are all right. And thanks for the tip.

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