Posted by: anitanolan | September 12, 2012

A Way to Check Word Count of Published Books

Here is a website that will give you the number of words in published books.

Renaissance Learning



  1. I could not find the word counter in this site. Hint? Thank you.

    • Put a title (the exact title) in the Search engine, then click on the title, or one of the titles if more than one comes up. I put in Anne of Green Gables and clicked on the first entry, and it listed the word count as 17,129. That is for the abridged version.

      I clicked on the unabridged version, and it lists the word count as 97,364.

  2. This is an excellent resource, Anita! Over the years, I’ve actually typed out about 5 or 6 different length picture books for that purpose. How wonderful! Thank you 🙂

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