Posted by: anitanolan | August 11, 2012

Reminder: Hen & Ink Literary Studio Open Coop Day

Just a reminder that Hen & Ink Literary Studio (in France) is having an Open Coop Day Aug. 15.

The agency is normally closed to submissions.

See their submission guidelines here.

They are particularly looking for some specific types of books for children:

• Practically anything middle-grade or YA (added-value if it’s crossover)
• YA thrillers (with terrific romantic leads and entanglement) that balance the dark with the light
• Middle-grade adventure stories for girls
• Laugh-out-loud middle-grade stories for boys
• Potential middle-grade series with characters and storyline we can’t let go of, nor forget
• A really funny, yet poignant, graphic novel for girls
• Character-driven picture book texts
Sparely-written picture book texts with a real story
• Illustrated books and apps for the very young
Picture books that children beg to be read again and again until the bindings fall apart
• Fantastic Voice
• Characters that we care about
• Tons of atmosphere
• Pacey, action-packed plots with heart
• Rich writing
• Dialogue that sings
• Smart humor across all genres

As a chicken owner, I have to love all the chicken puns in the Hen & Ink website.

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