Posted by: anitanolan | August 1, 2012

One Line Pitch Mystery Agent Contest

From the Operation Awesome Blog:

Our August Mystery Agent is looking for any sub genre of MG and YA fiction only (though the M.A rarely takes on high fantasy). 


  • Pitches should be for completed manuscripts only.
  • You can enter one pitch for one novel – if you make a mistake, just delete your entry and repost.
  • Yes, you are eligible to enter even if you’ve won MA contests in the past.
  • The first 50 qualifying pitches will be accepted – don’t pay attention to the comment numbers. We will close the contest when we’ve reached our limit.
  • If the rules (which will be posted on August 1st) are not followed, your pitch will be disqualified. Please carefully read the guidelines and follow them.
  • Pitches should be one-line pitches – try not to push the boundaries on this one – Four sentences separated by semi-colons will NOT count as a one line pitch. 😉
  • Anyone can enter as long as your novel falls under the genres our MA is looking for. If this particular MA doesn’t rep your genre, no worries – we hold these contests often and try to find agents with diverse tastes so there will be a contest in the future for your particular genre
The contest will go live at 10 am ET/9 CT / 8 MT/ 7 PT on AUGUST 1st

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