Posted by: anitanolan | July 15, 2012

Hen & Ink Agency Open Coop Day

Hen & Ink Literary Studio is normally closed to submissions, but it is having an “Open Coop” Day  in mid-August.

See their submission guidelines here.

They are particularly looking for some specific types of books for children:

• Practically anything middle-grade or YA (added-value if it’s crossover)
• YA thrillers (with terrific romantic leads and entanglement) that balance the dark with the light
• Middle-grade adventure stories for girls
• Laugh-out-loud middle-grade stories for boys
• Potential middle-grade series with characters and storyline we can’t let go of, nor forget
• A really funny, yet poignant, graphic novel for girls
• Character-driven picture book texts
Sparely-written picture book texts with a real story
• Illustrated books and apps for the very young
Picture books that children beg to be read again and again until the bindings fall apart
• Fantastic Voice
• Characters that we care about
• Tons of atmosphere
• Pacey, action-packed plots with heart
• Rich writing
• Dialogue that sings
• Smart humor across all genres

As a chicken owner, I have to love all the chicken puns in the Hen & Ink website.

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