Posted by: anitanolan | May 24, 2012

Quality Books Take Time

Self-publishing is becoming more common all the time. People in the writing workshops I conduct ask about it more and more frequently, and we spend more time discussing the pros and cons.

One thing that seems to be a common hazard with the self-published is to rush the book out without the proper revising and editing. I’ve seen it several times, recently, where an author isn’t willing to put in the time or effort to make the book all it could be–or even most of what it could be.

In one workshop I attended recently, in which a speaker was self-published, he mentioned that he had tried to get an agent for his 150,000-word fantasy manuscript for a year, and he had interest, if he would cut it to 110,000 words. But, he said he couldn’t cut anything (I’ve seen a few pages, and he could have–easily.)

So, he went the self-published route. And that’s a big problem. Because he now has a book out that isn’t all it could have been, and that could affect whether a reader is willing to pick up his next book–or not.

So I found Rachel Gardner’s post – Quality Books Take Time -interesting, because she makes the point that it’s important to get the book the best it can be, no matter how you decide to publish.


  1. I too am amazed at the hurried pace some writers take. They pour out 50,000 word in about a month, and only a few weeks later, presto, they have a published book. My response is, just because you CAN do something, doesn’t mean you SHOULD.

    Thanks for the post. I’m going to check out what Ms. Gardener has to say!

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