Posted by: anitanolan | May 2, 2012

AAP Offers Monthly Industry Sales Trend Survey

The Association of American Publishers has started a monthly “Statshot”, a look at sales figures gathered from a survey of 1149 publishers.

Here’s info for the children’s/young adult category:

Hardcover: $57.4M in Jan 2012; $34.0M in Jan 2011; +68.9% increase
Paperbacks: $38.0M in Jan 2012; $23.5M in Jan 2011; +61.9% increase
eBooks: (new AAP category) $22.6M in Jan 2012; $3.9M in Jan 2011; +475.1% increase

No doubt about it, folks, ebooks are coming fast. We got our youngest (then 11) a Kindle for Christmas 2010. My husband and older son (23) recently picked it up to read the last two in the Hunger Games trilogy, which we only had on the Kindle (we have the first in paperback.) They both said they thought they liked reading on the Kindle as much or more as a book (and for my technophobe husband, that’s saying something)

When I was on the train to Sprinfield, Mass, to speak at the New England SCBWI last weekend, I was surprised how many Kindles and iPads people had.

And then my husband went out this weekend and bought an iPad. I speak only from personal experience, but ereaders have invaded my household, and I didn’t think that would happen for a while yet.

Here’s a link to the AAP survey info.



  1. I must say, I have both and still tend to go to my paperbacks and hardcovers. To me, there is nothing like holding a book, touching and smelling the pages. I find reading such an enjoyable, relaxing experience and the sensory stimulation from holding and smelling the pages relaxes me even more. I wish they could bottle the smell of books. Don’t get me wrong, I have a Nook and enjoy the extras that come along with it plus it is easier to carry around with you but in the long run, its my books I look too.

    • I love physical books too, but I think the shift is upon us.

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