Posted by: anitanolan | April 20, 2012

“Charlotte’s Web” at 60: By the Numbers

As Charlotte’s Web turns 60, here are some interesting facts.

From USA Today.




  1. OK, this making me feel old (again)! I read the book when I was a kid (don’t remember what age) and I remember liking it, but my memory is vague. It was nice to read Kate’s comments on it, but I’m thinking it’s not so bad to read these books as an adult. Most of the children’s books I’ve read have been as an adult (writer) and I know my take on them now is much different than what they would’ve been as a kid. It’s proven true with most books I read as a kid—all but Dr. Seuss. His work is “ageless.” 🙂

    P.S. I’m really looking forward to meeting Kate at our NJ SCBWI Conference in June, and getting my books signed. I have my pile by my luggage already 😀

  2. I have read so many of these classics (I actually prefer Trumpet of the Swan to Charlotte’s Web (is that sacrilege?) to our children, and have so enjoyed re-reading (and reading for the first time) many of them.
    I’m looking forward to meeting Kate too.

    • LOL sacrilege! I don’t think so 😉

      I read Trumpet of the Swan as an adult and liked it. I was recommended by a friend of mine; it’s one of her favorite books.

      I really should re-read Charlotte though 🙂

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