Posted by: anitanolan | April 4, 2012 Trying to Wring Deep Discounts from Publishers

From the Seattle Times:

The bad news came to McFarland & Co. in an email from The world’s largest Internet retailer wanted better wholesale terms for the small publisher’s books. Starting Jan. 1, 2012 — then only 19 days away — Amazon would buy the publisher’s books at 45 percent off the cover price, roughly double its current price break.

For McFarland, an independent publisher of scholarly books situated in the mountains of North Carolina, Amazon’s email presented a money-losing proposition

Read the rest here.



  1. Anita, I haven’t read this yet, but had to post to you tonight. When I went to Barnes looking for a couple of books by John Gardner (recommended) on writing, but couldn’t find them, I figured for the hour I was going to spend there, I’d grab the “Guide to Literary Agents” and the “2012 Children’s Writers and Illustrators Market.” Since I think Cheryl Klein is brilliant, I was drawn to the interview in it (CWIM). Lo and behold, on page 153, when asked what top 5 resources she would recommend to writers, guess who was mentioned? I’m thinking you MUST be aware of it, but she mentioned YOUR article “The End is Only the Beginning!” My jaw dropped! In my opinion, you couldn’t receive higher praise and i have to congratulate you on it! 😀

    • Thanks, Donna. Yes, I knew about it. She mentions me in her talks and has mentioned my article on her blog. Isn’t that great. I agree, couldn’t be higher praise. Anita

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