Posted by: anitanolan | February 4, 2012

Backyard Blunder Contest

Do you have a funny birding or gardening story to share from your backyard? We want to hear it! Send your best “backyard blunder,” to Birds & Blooms and the winning story will receive $500.

To enter, email your true story (no more than 400 words) to Please put “backyard blunder contest” in the subject line.

For details:




  1. Well, I don’t garden and the only “birding” story as of late is that several months ago, two doors down, our neighborhood (in condensed Northern Bergen County, NJ) inherited a chicken coop WITH a rooster who crows at a variety of hours, not just at the crack of dawn! lol

  2. Hey- no digs about chickens. We have chickens! Five of them (no roosters, as we don’t want to annoy the neighbors.) Although they managed to do that anyway. Before I built them a run (understand I didn’t even own a saw and had no handyman abilities) last summer, I got a call from our neighbor asking me to get the chickens out of his garage! (Hey, maybe I can enter that contest!)
    They seemed to love his house more than mine–and the neighbor’s beyond that more yet.
    We’ve solved that problem, and the fox/hawk issue, with our run. And I do love fresh eggs, with a dark yellow yolk and a shell so hard and thick it takes a good whack to crack it.
    And, I especially love our chickies. A funnier animal I have yet to meet.

    • Oh, I do think you have a story in there, Anita! Go for it!

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