Posted by: anitanolan | January 5, 2012

Why Books Are Better than e-Books for Children

Here’s an interesting article from the NewYork Times:

Do you read to your children from your iPad or other device, or encourage them to use an e-reader to read to you? Many of us do, at least on occasion — even I, who wrote here some weeks ago that I rarely read on my own iPad anymore because I want my children to see me reading books, recommended an app for creating fun picture books for travel last week. If you have a tablet or e-reader, why not add it to your child’s reading repertory as well?

The answer, according to Lisa Guernsey of the New America Foundation’s Early Education Initiative, is that when we read with a child on an e-reader, we may actually impede our child’s ability to learn. Ms. Guernsey interpreted recent research on childhood literacy for Time magazine, and found that parents interact differently with children over an e-reader than over a physical book. That difference may make children slower to read and comprehend a story.

Why Books are Better than e-Books for Children



  1. Oh, Anita, I have SUCH strong feelings about this, I LOVE any evidence that helps support children NOT reading on ebook readers!

  2. Very interesting indeed!

    Thank you for bringing it to my attention.

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