Posted by: anitanolan | November 28, 2011

New Literacy Blog

NJ SCBWI member Christine Brower Cohen has begun a literacy blog a literacy blog to help educators implement the new national Common Core Learning Standards. The new Common Core Learning Standards place greater emphasis on nonfiction or informational texts, so authors looking to promote work in that genre would find it a good platform for reaching teachers and librarians.
Hopefully, all authors will find it useful in ascertaining current trends in literacy education.
The link is:
Christine is also looking for authors interested in writing a post for the blog.


  1. Thank you, Anita. I’m looking forward to hearing from authors, helping them arrange school visits, and hopefully post some of their writing on the blog!

    • Christine, I can’t leave a comment on your site, but I love the short posts and links for learning. Thanks!

      • Thank you! My email address is on the blog. You can always email me directly if you’d like to share a comment or write a guest post.

  2. Thanks, Anita. I’m looking forward to hearing from writers, helping them arrange school visits, and hopefully posting their writing!

  3. […] A new literacy blog targeted at teachers and librarians seeks authors looking to promote books in non-fiction or informational areas and for author contributors to the blog. […]

  4. Anita,

    Thank you for showcasing Christine Brower-Cohen’s blog on your website. I am pleased that Christine has taken an active role as an instructional leader. She keeps the teachers abreast of new titles for use in their classroom while trying to enrich their instruction with information from the Common Core. We would absolutely love to have visiting authors post their thoughts on LiteracyLink.

    Carol Varsalona
    Director of Language Arts and Testing
    West Babylon Schools

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