Posted by: anitanolan | November 2, 2011

Sylvan Dell Seeking Folklore

I think this is a recent change–Sylvan Dell is seeking Folklore.

See item 4 below.

  • Physical science
  • Earth science
  • Scientific classification
  • Fables and Folklore (retellings) that can be directly attributed to a specific culture that “explains” a scientific occurrence (sun rising in East, setting in West; Northern Lights, animal adaptations, etc.). Ideally, we would love for the author and/or the illustrator to be of that culture (assuming the culture still exists). At the very least, we would want to work with someone representing that culture so that we can ensure portrayal accuracy, much in the way we use scientists to verify the scientific accuracy of our books. It would be helpful for Native authors and illustrators to identify their cultural background so I can match them up appropriately.
  • We are adding more geography activities to our For Creative Minds sections. However, we are not looking for travel books.

Sylvan Dell Publishing Submission Guidelines


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