Posted by: anitanolan | November 1, 2011

Back online!

Oh, my. Thirty hours without power is no fun!



  1. Glad to hear you’re up and running again, Anita. We have a lot of people just now getting their power back, too. It’s rough since we’re reliant on electricity for most things in our lives! Scary, huh?

    • Ugh, Donna. We are now interested in a generator, but expensive. Makes you realize you should be prepared. I had candles and a battery lantern, etc, but it was nothing. I went out and bought everyone a headlamp so we could all read!
      Now I’m way behind on my talk for Saturday.

      • I know…generators are very expensive. My parents have considered one, too, but have never gotten one. With the way things are going with the weather, it seems more prudent now, doesn’t it? I wish people could pay for them in increments with no interest. The stores would sell a lot more of them, I think!

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