Posted by: anitanolan | September 4, 2011

Carolrhoda Open to Submissions for YA

From the Carolrhoda Blog:

Until the end of September, I will be accepting electronic submissions of YA novelswith the following exceptions (based not at all on prejudice so much as on what I’ve got brewing in the lab already):

1. I’m not considering dysto/post-apocolypto books.

2. If your book can be sung to the tune of a song by The Police, please make sure it’s not “Don’t Stand So Close to Me.”

3. If your books is more than 60,000 words, please don’t send it.

4. Unlike that little kid in the movie, I don’t read dead people. No narrators from beyond the grave.

5. If you have superpowers, I have kryptonite. Stay away.

6. I don’t do high fantasy. Here there be no dragons.

For more information.


  1. I have a Viet Nam era YA novel in the works, incorporating the actual letters from young men (18 -19) at Phu Bai and Khe Sahn in 1968. These letters were written to me personally, a primary source. They have not been published elsewhere. The protagonist is an American teen girl experiencing college campus against-the-war rallies, and her mixed feelings towards the war effort. Any interest here? (I’m the author of 18 books. My first YA novel For the Love of Strangers was published last year by Leap Books.)

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