Posted by: anitanolan | August 20, 2011

How Disbelief Creates Belief

From Author Online by book doctor Jason Black:

There are certain elements any story needs to present in order for readers to believe in the story, in order for them to accept the made-up events of your novel as sufficiently real to be worth caring about.  One of the most important elements relates to disbelief.

It’s ironic, but to engage your readers’ belief you need to create appropriate disbelief by the characters in the story.

A well-crafted plot is going to present its protagonist with some surprises.  Many of these will be in the form of unfortunate turns of events.  This happens in just about every novel, because one of the key ways to build up the central conflict in a novel is by adding complications and obstacles—ones the protagonist will view as unfortunate—which make the protagonist’s job harder.

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  1. I know what it is about “reading about writing” that makes it irresistible to me—though I’ve read various articles about the same aspects of it, I still want to hear another’s take on the subject, always looking for that little gem that makes a big difference! Thanks, Anita 🙂

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