Posted by: anitanolan | June 7, 2011

Back from the NJ SCBWI Conference

Whew, back from the NJ SCBWI Conference. I spoke four times, (and my voice only got scratchy in the final talk,) attended a lot of great workshops, had great face time with editors and agents and other writers, and was especially happy to spend time with those I only get to see at conferences and workshops.

The new (for us) venue was great, loads of space.  Just a great experience all around.

If you haven’t had a chance to attend a New Jersey event, try to get there next year. It’s a great conference. I’m not sure how many industry professionals were there (the number was constantly changing), but there were at least 15 agents and 12 editors.

Kathy Temean and Laurie Wallmark, (NJ SCBWI RA and Assistant RA) did a fantastic job.

Over the next few days I’ll be posting bits and pieces I picked up at the conference. For instance:

Eileen Robinson had a great workshop on Writing for the Trade, and mentioned that she has a links to a lot publishers on her website. (F1rstPages) I mentioned another website that has links to a lot of educational publishers  to several people at the conference and wanted to link to it here for anyone interested. Educational Markets for Children’s Writers.

By the way, a number of people asked me about the writing workshops and classes I teach. I conduct at the New Hope Community School spring and fall (schedule of fall classes not yet up), and speak periodically at various writing conferences. The next time I’ll be speaking (as of right now)  will be on Revisions at a conference will be at the Pearl S. Buck house in Upper Bucks County PA.

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