Posted by: anitanolan | May 28, 2011

How Many Projects Should You Have Before You Submit?

Here’s an interesting blog post by Scott Eagan, literary agent for Greyhaus Literary Agency. He represents romance and women’s fiction, but it’s interesting to see his recommendations.

This is always an interesting question we as agents and editors hear. While there is no definite answer for this because it really all depends on the genre you write and the project you have, I do think there is a semi-consensus between the editors and agents out there on a part of the answer. If there are other editors or agents that read this, I would love to have you chime in on this one.

For the most part, when we are looking at new clients (this coming from an agent’s perspective) we are looking for someone who will be in it for the long haul. We are looking for someone with some potential and staying power. In other words, we aren’t looking for the one hit wonder. With that as an understanding, we are often looking to see if they have additional projects that might also be suitable for what we are looking for. But do they have to be finished?

Not necessarily.

Read the rest here.

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