Posted by: anitanolan | May 25, 2011

New Agency Alert!

New agents and agencies are great opportunities, as they are looking for new clients. Here’s a new agency created by agents who are experienced, and are interested in children’s books. From Publisher’s Lunch:

Starting today Carrie Hannigan, Jessica Salky and Josh Getzler will launch the Hannigan Salky Getzler Agency (HSG), representing a range of authors across literary genres, including fiction and non-fiction, in children’s and adult titles. The three arrive from Russell & Volkening, Inc.; their last day at the agency was Friday, May 20.

From Josh Getzler’s Publisher’s Marketplace page:

I represent fiction and nonfiction (mostly fiction, more than half of which is crime-related (mystery, thriller, creepy…)), adult and YA/middle-grade (though not picture books).

I am particularly into foreign and historical thrillers and mysteries, so send me your ruthless doges and impious cardinals…and your farmhouse cozies! Give me atmosphere, let me learn something about another time or another place (or both), and kill off nasty Uncle Mortimer in the process–I’ll be yours! I take middle grade and YA mystery or adventure series, but not so much fantasy, and definitely not picture books. (There are many others who specialize in these books.) And please don’t send religious fiction–I don’t have contacts in the Christian book market.

If Josh’s name sounds familiar, it may be because you remember him from when he was at Writer’s House. More recently he was at Russell and Volkening.

Here’s a link to the agency’s web address, although it just links to a place-saver at the moment:


  1. interesting … I have several friends who will be very happy and grateful for your post .. spent several months looking to publish … thanks. : D

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