Posted by: anitanolan | March 29, 2011

A New Book to Consider

I don’t normally write or include book reviews here, but after reading about Blood, Bones, and Butter, by Gabrielle Hamilton, who grew up in Bucks County, PA, (where I live now) now owns a restaurant, Prune, in New York City, I wanted to run out and buy the book.

The book sounds awesome.

The blurbs on the back of the books include:

Anthony Bourdain – “magnificent, simply the best memoir by a chef ever. EVER….I am choked with envy.”

Mario Batali – “Hamilton has changed the potential and raised the bar for all books about eating and cooking…I will read this book to my children and then burn all the books I have written for pretending to be anything even close to this…”

The Doylestown Bookshop writes this:

Blood Bones & Butter tells Gabrielle Hamilton’s story, from her early days growing up in bucolic splendor on a ramshackle Bucks County farm, through a gloriously misspent youth in New York City, with further adventures and excursions in New England, the Midwest, and Italy… Raised by an eccentric, bohemian father and a no-nonsense French mother, food was often the center of the vast Hamilton clan’s lives… Blood, Bones & Butter is immensely readable, with language that’s often as pungent and earthy as the book’s title suggests. And if you know Bucks County, all the local landmarks-familiar restaurants, farms, bridges – add an extra dimension to the book’s flavor.

Oh, that we all write a book that gets such high praise.



  1. Thanks for the info! This sounds like an interesting book.

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