Posted by: anitanolan | March 9, 2011

Alert! Margery Cuyler to Meet The Donald!

It’s not every day I can say I’ve met someone on Celebrity Apprentice!

From a press release from Marshall Cavendish:



Tarrytown, NY (March 8, 2011) – Marshall Cavendish Children’s Books, an imprint of Marshall Cavendish Corporation, announced today that Margery Cuyler, Publisher of the imprint, will be featured on an episode of NBC’s alternative series, “The Celebrity Apprentice,” airing March 13th (9/10 PM ET/PT).

In the episode, the star-studded cast featuring celebrities such as Gary Busey and La Toya Jackson will split into two teams and engage themselves in one of the most prominent niches in the book publishing industry – children’s literature. Both teams will author an original children’s picture book to help raise money for charity. Their works will be evaluated by actress Robin Holly and by Marshall Cavendish Children’s Books publisher Margery Cuyler.

The winning celebrity team will present their charity with a check. Last season, “The Celebrity Apprentice” raised over $1.25 million dollars for charity.

“The Celebrity Apprentice” is produced by Mark Burnett Productions in association with Trump Productions LLC. Mark Burnett, Donald Trump, Eden Gaha and Page Feldman are executive producers. Nancy Gunn is the co-executive producer.



  1. I was once critiqued by Margery. She’s great and if anyone happens to think of it, I’d love to know when this will air (I never watch these shows). Thanks!

    • I don’t either, Donna, but I might have to make an exception for this!

    • Oh, gosh, if you really want to see me on CA, it airs Sunday night, 3/13, at 9:00 eastern time, 10:00 Pacific time.

  2. OMG, what kind of book will emerge from the minds of Meat Loaf and Gary Busey? *shudder* Should be very, very interesting!!

  3. I should edit that I meant “interesting” in a good way!

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