Posted by: anitanolan | February 25, 2011

Today’s YA Scene

Perhaps I should have titled this “Yesterday’s YA Scene”, because this article was published in Publishers Weekly back in November, 2010. But it has good information in it.

There is no shortage of media coverage about boom times in the young adult market. Looking beyond the houses responsible for many of the bold-faced headliners at the top of bestseller lists, one finds an enthusiastic group of publishers, some newcomers to YA, whose authors are making impressive contributions and helping to satiate the reading appetites of Twilight– and Hunger Games-frenzied fans.

From these publishers comes word of thriving YA programs, fueled by a bumper crop of talented new writers—many of whom are startlingly young—and a sizzling double-edged crossover market involving more adult authors penning YA novels and more adult readers buying YA fare. Editors claim they are not filling their lists with derivative stories (though vampires and dystopian landscapes are surely in evidence), but are signing up books in an increasingly diverse range of genres. Here’s a look at some of these publishers’ offerings and observations.

Lots of good information in this article. It shows the move of publishers that have been in the adult market moving into the YA market. One thing I’ve observed: Agents who work in this market aren’t necessarily well-versed  about the “traditional” children’s publishers and vice versa.

Read the rest here.

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