Posted by: anitanolan | February 22, 2011

Still More Questions to Ask When “Dating” an Agent, Part 3

  1. Who is the agent thinking of submitting your manuscript to? (The agent may see your manuscript very differently than you do. If you envision a hardcover literary book and they see a paperback romance series, ask why. Better to know now.)
  2. How will the agent submit? A few editors at a time? One at a time?
  3. If you have thoughts on publishers/editors who might be a good fit for your manuscript, ask about adding them to the submission list. If you’ve made contacts with editors, let the agent know. If an editor has rejected another manuscript, but asked to see more of your work, mention it.
  4. Will the agent take your suggestions for editors to submit to under consideration?
  5. What type of information can you expect from the agent during submissions? How often can you expect to hear from them? (Some agents check in regularly. Some don’t.)
  6. Will the agent share the names of editors/houses they submit to? How about responses?
  7. Does the agent send you the rejections, or do they just mention that they’ve received one? (Mention what kind of information you’d like to get from them. Do you want to see every rejection, or just those with specific comments, or do you find rejections too depressing to see them at all?)
  8. What happens if the first few editors the agent submits to reject? Will the agent want revisions based on comments or will they submit to a second round first?
  9. If you have several manuscripts completed, how will the agent handle submissions of those? Does that change if the manuscripts are in several genres that don’t overlap?
  10. What happens if the manuscript doesn’t sell? How long does the agent keep submitting?

Tomorrow, the last of the questions.

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