Posted by: anitanolan | February 21, 2011

Questions to Ask When “Dating” an Agent, Part 2

Possible questions to ask about other manuscripts you’ve written:

  1. What about the other manuscripts that you’ve written? Would the agent like to see them now?
  2. What about future projects? (It helps if you know what kinds of things you have written and are interested in writing. Be honest and open so the agent knows what to expect from you.)
  3. When does the agent want to know what you’re working on? What happens if the agent doesn’t care for it? (This happens with more frequency than you might like.)
  4. How does the agent feel about you writing different kinds of books, say MG contemporary and MG historicals. Or edgy YA and Picture Books. Or MG and adult romance?)
  5. What happens if you write something the agent doesn’t represent—or doesn’t like?
  6. What does the agent want to do about manuscripts that an editor(s) already has? If you have already sent editors manuscript(s) you’ll want to disclose that information. You don’t need to be concerned at this point about manuscripts that the agent hasn’t seen or isn’t considering right now.
  7. Once you’re a client, how long will it take the agent to get back to me about new projects?

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