Posted by: anitanolan | February 20, 2011

Things to Ask When “Dating” an Agent, Part 1

Part of a Series on Seeking an Agent

If you’ve attracted an agent’s interest, you’ll want to ask them a few questions.

  1. Are you an editorial agent? (There is no right answer to this question. You may want their input, or you might want them to focus on sales and contracts. You just want to know if their way of agenting meets the vision you have of an agent.)
  2. What do you think are the strengths of my manuscripts? What are the weaknesses?
  3. What type of revision suggestions, if any, do you have?
  4. What books have you sold recently, what publishing houses have you sold to?
  5. Do you represent clients book by book, or do you represent authors for their career?
  6. What do you see for my career, and what do you see as your role in achieving that? (Again, you want an agent that has a similar plan for you as you have for yourself.)

Tomorrow: More Questions


  1. I just thought of something I would love to know before I “marry” an agent. .  Do you have clients that experiment with different formats of Children’s literature?  (picture books vs. MA, fiction vs. non-fiction). As a new author, I would not like to be always writing the same type of books but perhaps this would be unattractive to an agent. What do you think?

    • Good question, Edna!

      I decided to turn the answer into tomorrow’s (March 5) blog post.

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