Posted by: anitanolan | January 18, 2011

I’m A Winner!

I’m very excited!  I just found out that I have won a free 10-week writing class at the Gotham Writer’s Workshop! I’ll be taking the class online, because while I’m within commuting distance to NYC, it would tough with my schedule, and I really don’t want to get home about midnight on a weeknight.

Thank you Gotham Writers! Here’s a link to their classes:


  1. Good for you, Anita! I’m a little bummed myself – I remember seeing that but for some reason thought it was just the in-person classes you could win. So now I know and can look out for it if they do it again!

    Please let us know what you think of it!

    • I will, Amy, I’m scheduled to take a class this spring.


  2. Congratulations, Anita! What great news.

    • Thanks Julie, it was a pleasant surprise.

  3. Anita, YEA for YOU!!!! What did you have to do to win? It’s been a zillion years since I’ve been able to keep up with blogs 😦

    • They had a contest a while ago, Donna. I just entered on their website and then I think I tweeted the info and sent it to a few friends.

  4. I’d love to hear how the course goes and if you’d recommend it to children’s writers.


    • I’m enjoying it so far. Just one week in though.

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