Posted by: anitanolan | January 13, 2011

Industry Basics

I’ve been given the subjects for my talks at the NJ SCBWI conference in June. For more information on the conference, see Kathy Temean’s website:

I’ll be giving the “First Timers’ Talk” (which I love to do–all those new writers who are convinced they are going to sell their books by the end of the weekend.)

And a talk on Industry Basics, another on Beginnings, and one on Synopses as well. (How long is this conference?)

I’ve given the First Timers’ talk in the past, and have spoken on synopses and beginnings as well.  (The Beginnings talk  is one of my favorites–when I started considering the types of beginnings when writing my own instead of randomly jumping into the story, it really helped.)

This will be the first time I’ve spoken on Industry Basics at a conference, although I touch on this when I teach writing classes for the New Hope Community School. So, I’m looking for suggestions on what to cover. I know I’ll cover formatting a manuscript, how to add a header to your manuscript. I suppose I’ll cover editor/agent etiquette as well.

Does anyone have suggestions on other topics that I might want to cover?

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