Posted by: anitanolan | January 6, 2011

Book Publishers See Their Role as Gatekeepers Shrink

There’s been a lot in the media lately about e-books and alternate publishing. Here’s an interesting article in the LA Times about writers who are bypassing traditional publishers and self-publishing their works online, thereby getting a bigger piece of the sale price.

Joe Konrath can’t wait for his books to go out of print.

When that happens, the 40-year-old crime novelist plans to reclaim the copyrights from his publisher, Hyperion Books, and self-publish them on, Apple Inc.’s iBooks and other online outlets. That way he’ll be able to collect 70% of the sale price, compared with the 6% to 18% he receives from Hyperion.

As for future novels, Konrath plans to self-publish all of them in digital form without having to leave his house inSchaumburg, Ill.

Read the rest here.



  1. Is he likly to do better financially as a self publishers than going with a mainstream publisher? Thinking about it, he has the following and reputation now so may do better on his own. What are your thoughts?

  2. I think that someone who has been well-published and is a known name, as Joe Konrath seems to be, might be able to do okay.

    After all, he already has a following and a name, as you mention. The back list is probably going to do at least as well. He’ll get a much higher percentage of the sale price, which will more than compensate for the royalty he receives, even if he sells fewer books. For newer books, he’ll probably have to do some advertising, but just as I seek out a Richard Peck book to read without seeing an ad, so will his readers.

    For an unpublished author, I think the concept is more problematic. How do you know when your book is ready to publish without the vetting of going through a publishing house? How do you get your book in the hands of readers who might be interested?

    While an unpublished author can certainly go this route, it’s what comes after the book comes out that is the problem.

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