Posted by: anitanolan | December 20, 2010

Did you see this?

Not long ago, Sourcebooks offered a free ebook giveaway to celebrate Jane Austen’s birthday. They decided to give away some of their bestelling Jane Austen-inspired works plus ebook editions of Austen’s 6 novels. They ran into some problems. It’s not often that a business allows you to learn from their experiences, and it makes interesting reading.

So we had a good idea, perhaps you heard about it.

December 16 is Jane Austen’s birthday and we thought to celebrate by giving away free ebooks of a number of our bestselling Jane Austen-inspired works, plus special ebook editions of Austen’s 6 novels including the famous Brock brothers’ illustrations. The goal? A one-day only extravaganza giveaway just for her birthday, and we’d offer it everywhere ebooks are sold.

One of the things we’re trying to do on the Sourcebooks Next blog is talk about digital experiments from the point of view of those actually doing the work. So this is the short story of our Jane Austen promotion – and how it went wrong.

Let me start by explaining what went wrong: simply put, on the morning of December 16, the books in the promotion were not free. And people noticed of course – everyone who’d so graciously spread the word of the promo was now justifiably taking us to task.

So what happened? Here are the challenges we faced, whether we knew them or not (and in a number of cases, we just didn’t know).

Read the rest here:

Thanks Sourcebooks!

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