Posted by: anitanolan | November 14, 2010

Setting Thesaurus

If you haven’t visited the Bookshelf Muse’s website, you’re missing out.

There are several thesauruses, including a setting thesaurus.  It lists things that are typically in a specific location, as well as the smells, etc.  associated with that location.

Here’s an example: Classrooms

Sight: white board, markers, eraser, door with little window in it, bulletin boards, displayed art/school work, posters, window, bookshelves with books, teacher’s desk, computer, printer, garbage can, pencil sharpener, grade/attendance book, coffee mug, flowers, calendar, stapler, stool for teacher to sit on, student desks and chairs.

Sounds: students talking/laughing/whispering/shouting, singing, music being played, teachers talking/yelling/teaching, fire alarm going off, intercoms buzzing on, doors slamming, sneakers squeaking, voices echoing in the hallway.

This is just a little bit of the information about classrooms, and there are many other topics.

The Setting Thesaurus is available here:



  1. How great is THIS, Anita! With a memory like mine, so many details slip through the cracks! lol Thank you 🙂

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