Posted by: anitanolan | October 24, 2010

Susan Hawk, The Bent Agency

Here’s a bit of information I saw on AgentQueryConnect about what Susan Hawk,  an agent at The Bent Agency, is interested in.

Susan spent more than 15 years in children’s book marketing. She’s open to just about anything, her reading tastes are broad. She’d love to find a great mystery, and she’s looking for humor. Sci-fi is at the top of her list.

She’s always read fantasy, but she’s not looking for epic, high fantasy right now. Historical fiction is another favorite. She loves boy books.

She’s very picky when it comes to paranormal and romance, and am looking for something in those genres that feels fresh.

What pulls her into a book faster than anything else is that magic combination of great concept and authentic voice. She’s looking for exciting stories, told in a compelling way, with characters that are true to life. She’s drawn to the quirky and unique and has always loved books about people who see things just a bit differently. But story is key, she wants something to happen to the characters.

Here’s a link to an interview with Susan: Susan Hawk Interview at Mother.Write.Repeat.

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