Posted by: anitanolan | October 18, 2010

Info on Molly Jaffa, Folio Jr.

Back in May I mentioned that Folio Literary was starting Folio Jr., an arm of the agency that will focus on work for children.

Molly Jaffa is one of the agents there also handling children’s fiction. Here’s a bit of information on Molly I found recently on AgentQueryConnect.

Molly is just starting to build her list, (an excellent time to query an agent) but says she’s signing clients very selectively.

She represents mainly middle grade and YA fiction, especially works with literary voices that challenge the reader to explore new ideas and modes of thinking. I love books set in another time or place, magical realism, multicultural fiction, “edgy” YA, verse novels, and almost anything that will make readers feel that the narrator understands them and what they’re going through.

Molly doesn’t represent picture books, “boy books” – no bathroom humor. She’s interested in magical realism but not paranormal fantasy (and gives a great description of the difference).

And here’s a link to an interview with Molly on Mother.Write.Repeeat.

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