Posted by: anitanolan | September 29, 2010

Twitter Suggestions

If you Tweet, you might find these suggestions by Debbie Ridpath Ohi (@Inkyelbows) on how to make the most of Twitter interesting.

Here are a few of Debbie’s reasons to use Twitter:

1. Twitter forces you to exercise your writing and editing skills. With only 140 characters to work with, you have to choose your words carefully and be concise.

2. Stay informed about the publishing industry. With so many publishing house Twitterers (from editor to publicists to slush pile readers), you can learn a ton about what’s happening in the industry. Find out what’s happening at major publishing or writing events while they’re happening. From Alexis Grant:

I may have been the only aspiring author who wasn’t at BookExpo America last week (or did it just feel like that?), but I followed the publishing event through its Twitter hashtag, #BEA09. I can spout off panels from the event, happy hours, book giveaways — If I didn’t already tell you I wasn’t there, I could have tricked you into thinking otherwise.

3. Make contacts in the publishing industry. One of the reasons I decided to take Twitter seriously was because I kept hearing about various editors and publishers who were Twittering. And they weren’t just posting promo items; they were also reading posts by other Twitterers and sometimes replying to them. Here’s just a partial list of some of the people in the publishing industry who are on Twitter, and here is a partial list of authors on Twitter.

4. Meet and share ideas with other writers. Yes, you can do this through other social networks as well. I’m finding, though, that Twitter’s platform provides a unique experience not yet duplicated by other social networks (though other networks are trying). There is a HUGE network of writers on Twitter and chances are good that you’ll find other writers who are going through the same types of experiences in their careers as you.

Here’s a link to Debby’s The Writer’s Guide to Twitter.

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