Posted by: anitanolan | September 13, 2010

Meg Cabot’s 9/11 Post

I know it’s a little late, but I just came across Meg Cabot’s memories of 9/111 and they are well worth reading. She was living in NYC at the time.

Since I live less than 2 hours from Manhattan, I know people who were on their way to work in the World Trade Center that day.  A woman who worked at the gourmet shop I owned years ago lost her son who’d worked in the WTC.

A college classmate of my husband’s came up out of the subway, saw the plane hit the WTC, (where he’d just gotten a job,) and turned right around and went the other direction.

Another friend was just getting on the ferry from NJ into the city for a lunch meeting at Windows on the World when he saw the planes hit. Another friend lost a cousin.

Another friend, who worked in the city, told me that she remembered all the high heels littering the streets, and I thought it was interesting that Meg made a similar point.

Meg’s post really brought back the memories back of what it was like that day.

I don’t think we want to forget–even if I’m posting it a couple of days late.

Nine Years Ago

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