Posted by: anitanolan | September 10, 2010

Agent Tina Wexler Will be on a Short Leave…

And for good reason.  Tina, an agent at ICM, is going on maternity leave from early October 2010 through mid-January 2011 (although the exact dates on either end can change by a couple of weeks.)

She’ll check email as possible, and may read queries as time allows during that time. If you query during that time, you may not get a reply until after she returns from leave.

I interviewed Tina for Sprouts a while ago, and have posted information about Tina’s interests in the past:

Tina Wexler on 6&1/2 Ways to Impress an Agent

Info on Tina’s Interests

Successful Query to ICM Agent Tina Wexler

(Congratulations, Tina!)

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