Posted by: anitanolan | August 29, 2010

Upcoming Writing Workshops and Classes

Just a reminder,

I’ll be speaking at several writing workshops this fall at the New Hope Community School this fall. One class is new. It will be a one night, two-hour class on writing for children.

The other two are classes I’ve taught before and that have filled up in the past. One, a one night class on getting published and the second, a 4-week novel-writing class.

You can find out more about the classes here.

I will also be conducting a couple of workshops for the NJ SCBWI the Saturday (Nov 13) before the November Mentoring Workshop. (Nov 14) You can read more about that on Kathy Temean’s blog here.

Note that  I will be speaking on the 13th, and you can attend just that day. Or you can stay overnight at the Hyatt and attend the Mentoring Workshop, which the following editors and agent are attending:

Allison Wortche, Asst. Editor, Knopf and Crown

Karen Chaplin, Editor, Puffin

Krista Marino, Executive Editor, Random House

Emily van Beek, Agent, Folio Literary Management

Others could be added, depending on the attendance.

You can read more about the Mentoring Workshop here.

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