Posted by: anitanolan | August 18, 2010

Emma Thompson Writing Children’s Book

Did you see this in Publisher’s Lunch?

Actor Emma Thompson has been commissioned by publisher Frederick Warne to write a new Peter Rabbit story, which she intends to set in Scotland. Warne’s Jennifer Cooper confirms to the BBC they “are currently in talks with Thompson regarding her writing a Peter Rabbit story to commemorate 110 years of Peter Rabbit in 2012.”

I like Emma Thompson  as much as the next person, but I it remains to be seen if she’s a great children’s book writer. I tend not to buy celebrity’s books, esp. those for children.

Would seeing Thompson’s name on a book make you buy it?



  1. I had not heard about this. No, I never buy celebrity books!

  2. I agree.

    I am skeptical that she can write.

    But if I see the book in a bookstore I may look at it.

  3. It is rare that a celebrity is truly gifted in writing children’s books (or writing at all), but a few are. I happen to love Emma Thompson as an actress (I’m not aware of what she’s like as a person), and would be curious if I saw it on the shelf. I’d definitely read it before making any kind of judgement. I can say that I enjoyed Jamie Lee Curtis’s first book (after that I felt they should’ve been edited much more), I’ve enjoyed Julie Andrews’ too, and have actually purchased Jeff Foxworthy’s. I love his books and I think the illustrator is a perfect match 🙂

  4. Julie Andrews, I think is a different case. She actually had her own imprint for a time (I think it switched houses and then I don’t know what happened with it.)

    Thanks for the comment, Donna.


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