Posted by: anitanolan | July 21, 2010

I’ll be Speaking at NJ SCBWI November Writer’s Weekend

NJ SCBWI will be holding a Writer’s/Illustrator’s Weekend November 13-14, 2010. It will be held at the Princeton Hyatt Regency, the same location as the conference.

On Saturday, Nov. 13, I’ll be conducting two workshops. Each will run about 1 1/2-2 hours. Here are the descriptions:


Do editors or agents say your characters are one-dimensional, flat, or unsympathetic? In the Deepening Characterization Workshop, we’ll discuss how to make a character sympathetic, intriguing and believable—to make them come alive.  We’ll talk about using no more characters than you need. We’ll discuss villains, antagonists, and secondary characters too. We’ll also talk about upping the stakes, layering your character, and adding emotion.


Rarely does an aspiring author have too much tension in a manuscript. Instead a story almost always needs more. The story might move too slowly or the character might solve their problems too easily. We’ll talk about creating inner conflict and making the high points bigger, dealing with backstory and how it can slow the pacing, and techniques on how to determine where your story has tension, where it doesn’t, and things you can do if your story starts to slow to add tension and conflict.

The Saturday workshops will start at 2:00. We’ll finish up between 6 and 6:30 and then have dinner.  (Dinner is optional)

Cost for Saturday’s Workshops:

For those also attending the November 14th Mentoring Workshop, including dinner Saturday night:  $60

For those also attending the November 14th Mentoring Workshop: not including dinner Saturday night $30

For those NOT attending the November 14th Mentoring Workshop or the Illustrator’s Intensive on Nov 14: $90

Non-SCBWI Members should add $25 to all costs.

Rooms are available at the hotel for $95/night.

There is a separate fee for the Sunday Mentoring Workshop. (There will also be Picture Book Workshops on Saturday for those interested in PB and an Illustrator’s Intensive on Sunday.)

The following editors are attending the November 14th Mentoring Workshop:

Karen Chaplin, Editor at Puffin

Krista Marino, Executive Editor at Random House

Allison Wortche, Editor at Knopf

Others TBA

If you haven’t attended a Mentoring Workshop, they’re great.

You have a one-on-one critique with an editor or agent on the first 30 pages of your manuscript, there are first page reads, and the rest of the day is spent critiquing manuscripts. I’ve very much enjoyed the ones I’ve attended.

More information on this event is available on Kathy Temean’s website and on the NJ SCBWI website:

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